You will never regret working hard, because working hard pays off.


The Recruiting Process

With 112 Division I, 137 Division II and 282 Division III programs the opportunity to continue playing in college is possible and within reach. Not everyone player will compete at the college, and not all players who gets recruited receive scholarships. Being educated about the recruiting process is the first step. At Bitmore, you will learn about the process, get individual attention for recruiting services, and hopefully make an educated decision about one of the most important and life-changing decisions you'll make.

As a member of a BItmore team, Lindsay works with your daughter and and your family on an individual level to help navigate and assist you in the recruiting process. She will tailor a recruiting package to fit your needs and help find the right school/program for your daughter.

The relationships and reputation that Lindsay has in the college coaching world will help your daughters find the perfect fit. Many clinics, camps and showcases are simply money makers. Bitmore can help save you money and time by pointing you in the right direction. Although there is a Professional Women's Lacrosse League now, it won't pay the bills. Academics should always be your number one priority, and hopefully lacrosse can assist in finding the best education and set your daughter up for a lifetime of success.