Our Program

Fostering a life-long enjoyment for the game of lacrosse

Our program is designed to teach fundamental lacrosse skills, the essentials of team play, sportsmanship, hard-work and the continued love of the sport of lacrosse. Although we offer year-around opportunities to compete, balance is our number one concern. We believe a well- balanced player on and off the field will yield the most success for our program and our players. 

Fall & Summer Tournaments

Each team participates in local and regional Fall and Summer Tournaments. In Fall 2018, teams participated in the National Fall Lax Fest, Genesse Valley Playday, the Rivalry Challenge, and the Mid-Atlantic Showcase. For more information on our summer tournaments, check out our team pages.

Winter Training

This past winter, we practiced at Goals in Catonsville. The Goals sessions focused on game play with a 30-30-30 break down: The girls played a 30-minute game; then had a 30-minute classroom session. We finished practice with another 30-minute game to implement what we discussed in the classroom.

Spring League

In the spring, Bitmore competes in the National Girls Lacrosse League (NGLL). NGLL games are played on Saturday or Sunday. The 9th - 12th graders will be playing with their high school teams, instead of the NGLL.

2019-2020 Tentative Schedule


Teams practice once a week on Sundays for 6 weeks @ UMBC

Fall practices start September 22

Optional Stickwork & Conditioning Sessions are offered every Wednesday for 6 weeks @ UMBC

Elementary and Middle School Teams will participate in 1 Playday and 2 Tournaments in the fall.

High School Teams will participate in 1 Playday and 3 Tournaments in the fall.



Each team will have 4-6 team practices in the winter at Goals in Catonsville. Dates & times are TBD.



2021, 2022 & 2023 Teams - Will NOT practice during their high school season

2024, 2025 & 2026 teams will practice Mondays & Wednesdays @ UMBC

Mini Camp: March 7th or 14th  (Weather dependent)

Practices start Monday, March 9 

Teams play in the NGLL and will have games Saturday and/or Sunday from late March to early May. 



Mondays & Wednesdays for 2024, 2025 & 2026 Teams

Tuesdays & Thursdays for the 2021, 2022 & 2023 Teams

2024, 2025 & 2026 teams will all play in 4 Summer Tournaments

2023, 2022, & 2021 Teams will play in 4-5 Summer Tournaments

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

Bitmore Lacrosse is the perfect club for families and players looking for personal development, supportive high level coaching, strong team chemistry, and perhaps most importantly, a reasonable balance between dedication and commitment to the sport of lacrosse and life in general. The integrity of Lindsay and her coaches is top notch; and the leadership of the program provides tremendous role models for your daughter as she moves through the program.

Success is measured through individual development, team chemistry and constant improvement, not singularly focused on wins or losses. Bitmore is a fantastic program geared toward developing excellent young women, who are great lacrosse players.
- Matt & Kim Harvill (2021)

We are lucky enough to have two daughters who play for Bitmore. Shortly after our older daughter joined the program, we heard Lindsay coaching at a morning practice, and knew we wanted our younger daughter to be here too! We are very thankful for the coaching our girls have received from Lindsay and her awesome coaching staff! This is a group that truly cares about making these girls better lacrosse players, and better people!!

One of our favorite coaches once said that you won't remember the game that you won or lost back in the spring of 2015, but you will remember the experience that you had … what it felt like to be part of a team, to grow together and have fun together. We are so lucky to have found that feeling at Bitmore.
– Monica & Rob Parsons (2021 and 2025/26)

Bitmore is the perfect fit for our daughter. She has top-notch coaches and has improved her lacrosse skills since joining the club. Bitmore encourages her to be well-rounded and makes it possible for her to do other things, such as field hockey and drama. I feel that Bitmore is not only helping her to excel at lacrosse, the club is teaching her the importance of being a strong, confident young woman on, and off, the field.
– Linda and Michael Stewart (2023)

We love Bitmore Girls Lacrosse! My daughter has gained confidence in the sport of lacrosse along with really improving her skills. The coaching staff is talented, knowledgable and dedicated. Bitmore fosters a healthy competitive edge in all of the girls, as well as provides an amazing community with great parents and long lasting friendships!
- Donna Tiffey (2021 Parent)

"Bitmore should be renamed Morethan because your daughter gets so much more. This year my daughter has developed both a passion for the game and her internal drive to want to get better on her own.
Lindsay is all about family and balance. She makes all the players and their parents feel like one extended family and she not only understands, but encourages players to play different sports, participate in different activities.
Her coaches are first class. They are former standout lacrosse players in their own right, and strike the right balance between helping the players develop new skills, making it fun for the girls while at the same time, setting expectations for the girls to perform at a high level."
-John Carberry (2025 Parent)

"Bitmore provides my daughter with the perfect balance between being a competitive, multi-sport athlete while also recognizing the importance of family and school, which can be difficult to find in the current "club lax" culture. This club is best combination of camaraderie and competition."
-Stephanie Boteler (2024 Parent)